Youth Organization

TrueUI LLC is thrilled to have collaborated with Youth Rise Texas and an external design team to develop an interactive Annual Vision Report that highlights the organization’s mission and impact. Through a coordinated effort, we gathered the necessary graphics and carefully planned the design process. Our technical expertise in JavaScript enabled us to integrate dynamic animations, dialogue, and audio into the report, creating a great experience for users interacting with keyboard and mouse. The result is a visually stunning and engaging report that showcases the remarkable work of Youth Rise Texas, providing a memorable experience for all who explore it.


Youth Rise Texas - Interactive Vision Report

The Project.

Consultation and Planning

TrueUI played a pivotal role in the planning and coordination of Youth Rise Texas's interactive animation project. By working closely with a skilled third-party design team, TrueUI ensured seamless collaboration and a clear understanding of the project's needs. During the planning phase, TrueUI meticulously defined the required assets such as backgrounds, foregrounds, separate segments, speech bubbles, signs, and various props. This attention to detail allowed for a coherent vision and streamlined execution, ultimately leading to the creation of an engaging and immersive experience for the users.

Javascript Development

Employing HTML and JavaScript, TrueUI developed an interactive animation that combined visual and audio assets into a unified, engaging experience. Users can smoothly navigate through various rooms in any direction, utilizing scrolling or keyboard arrows. Contextually relevant speech bubbles are designed to appear at the right moments, complementing the room's signage and enhancing the user experience. Furthermore, TrueUI integrated an intuitive audio playback system, allowing users to listen to audio transcripts corresponding to the speech bubbles. This combination of elements delivers an immersive and interactive journey for users as they explore the captivating animation.

Audio Editing / Segmentation

In addition to the development of the interactive animation, TrueUI tackled the audio editing for the transcripts, which were initially provided as continuous readings. The team carefully split the audio into separate segments, aligning them with the corresponding speech bubbles. By doing so, they ensured that the play button activates the appropriate audio transcript or text, elaborating on the current scene. This added layer of immersion allows users to engage with both visual and auditory elements, further enhancing the overall experience as they navigate the captivating animation.