Premier Orthodontic Care Provider

We are proud to have partnered with Zahnspange Home, a leading orthodontic clinic based in Krems, Austria. Zahnspange Home specializes in a wide range of orthodontic treatments, including fixed braces, invisible braces (Invisalign method), and lingual braces. With their dedicated team of orthodontic specialists, Zahnspange Home continues to set the standard for excellence in orthodontic care.

The Project.

Brand Identity

In our collaboration with Zahnspange Home, the first step was branding. We designed a unique logo that encapsulates their mission and values, setting the tone for their identity. We then selected a color palette that reflects the brand's personality, creating a sense of trust and reliability.

The branding process also involved curating every image on the website to align with this identity. This comprehensive approach ensured a cohesive and engaging visual narrative, effectively communicating Zahnspange Home's commitment to top-notch orthodontic care. This solid branding foundation guided all subsequent stages of the project.

Web Design and Development

We have meticulously designed and developed a visually appealing, user-friendly, and responsive website that seamlessly highlights Zahnspange Home's diverse offerings and industry-leading expertise. The new website embodies the clinic's unique branding, marrying simplicity with elegance to perfectly capture the essence of their identity. The intuitive navigation, combined with the streamlined presentation of their impressive range of treatments, allows visitors to effortlessly explore and appreciate the full range of their services. By showcasing their work in this refined manner, the website effectively communicates Zahnspange Home's unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and unparalleled patient care.

Stylish Treatment Showcases

We have carefully designed treatment showcases for Zahnspange Home featuring stylish galleries to display their diverse range of treatments. Each showcase highlights unique treatment attributes with modern layouts and smooth transitions for an engaging browsing experience. These showcases emphasize Zahnspange Home's expertise, innovation, and commitment to excellence, effectively sharing their inspiring vision through an organized and visually appealing platform.

Security Monitoring

At TrueUI, we emphasize the importance of website security for Sigma International Construction, ensuring the protection of their digital assets while maintaining the trust of their visitors. Our expert team utilizes state-of-the-art tools and adheres to best practices to establish robust security measures, including continuous monitoring, proactive threat detection, and routine vulnerability assessments. This comprehensive approach guarantees that Sigma's website remains defended against potential cyber threats, providing peace of mind for both Sigma International Construction and their users.

Hosting / Server Configuration

At TrueUI, we diligently set up the hosting environment for Sigma International Construction's WordPress website, focusing on key aspects such as selecting a reliable hosting provider for optimal performance and uptime. We implemented SSL certificates to ensure secure data transmission and maintain visitor trust, while managing DNS settings for proper domain propagation and accessibility. Additionally, we established professional email accounts associated with Sigma's domain, streamlining communication and presenting a cohesive brand image.

Accessibility and GDPR Compliance

In line with our commitment to creating inclusive digital experiences, we ensured that the Zahnspange Home website meets all accessibility requirements. This includes providing alternative text for images, ensuring sufficient color contrast, and making the website navigable by keyboard, among other measures. We also ensured that the website is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the European Union's data privacy law. This includes implementing measures for data protection by design and by default, providing clear and accessible privacy notices, and ensuring that users can easily exercise their data rights.